Tonor Microphone

TONOR Karaoke Dynamic Microphone, XLR Handheld Mic with 13Ft

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  • TONOR Karaoke Dynamic Microphone, XLR Handheld Mic with 13Ft

Tonor Microphone

TONOR Karaoke Dynamic Microphone, XLR Handheld Mic with 13Ft

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    • EXCEPTIONAL SOUND QUALITY - TONOR’s dynamic microphone exhibits exceptional sound output by effectively reducing noise interference, more accurate pickup patterns, and records clear sound.
    • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION - This TONOR Dynamic Microphone is constructed out of premium hard metal for durability and strong resistance to impact and general use. It is comfortable to hold with its anti-slip design body, and also prevents dust and debris from entering the inside of the microphone.
    • EASY TO CARRY, EASY TO USE - No battery required for operation. The device uses power supply and a simple one-button switch makes the microphone very easy to use. (Push up is ON, push down is OFF). When the microphone is not used, you can turn it OFF using the switch without the need of unplugging the cable.
    • 4M XLR CABLE, SUPERIOR QUALITY - TONOR provides a professional removable quality 3-pin XLR female to ¼’’ cable that is suitable for any device with 6.35mm connectors. The total length of the cable is 4M, and is constructed of refined PVC 4M copper wire without any break or distortion ensuring great audio transmission always. The superior construction of the XLR cable enables it to isolate external electromagnetic interferences and improve sound transmission.
    • WHAT YOU GET - TONOR’s dynamic microphone comes in a full kit with all the right essentials - 1 Microphone, 1 XLR Cable and 1 Instruction Manual to get you started. TONOR offers a 12 month repair/replacement warranty and a 30 day hassle free return policy.



    When it comes to good sound and pristine recordings, TONOR has delivered the best. Just like always, TONOR adds yet another dynamic professional microphone for all you sound buffs out there.

    Whether it is a home performance for your family, or your next Youtube cover from home, or even a casual family announcement in the backyard during your barbecue party, TONOR’s dynamic microphone is made for those special occasions.

    The ones that matter, and the ones you want to remember. For all those lovely moments where great sound is the key, TONOR is with you every step of that journey.

    Get yours today.

    Package Includes:

    Microphone x 1

    XLR Cable x 1

    Instruction Manual x 1


    Type Dynamic Microphone

    Frequency Response:42~16.8KHz

    Direectional Characterisitic:Uni-direction

    Sentivity:-55 ± 1dB AT 1KHz

    Impedance:600Ohm ± 15% AT 1KHz