Tonor Microphone

TONOR PC Condenser Microphone USB

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  • TONOR PC Condenser Microphone USB

Tonor Microphone

TONOR PC Condenser Microphone USB

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    End Time: Aug., 15th, 2018


    • THE MICROPHONE FOR CONVENIENCE - The TONOR USB Condenser Microphone is an extraordinary microphone, The back of the head is fitted with Voice Control and a 3.5mm headphone jack for convenience. With zero latency monitoring, there is no delay in real-time audio output return. A mute button at the back provides easy access while recording (red means unmuted).
    • PROFESSIONAL MICROPHONE, CRISP SOUND QUALITY - The Microphone is with high-quality made for professionals. With crisp sound quality in recordings, low noise and anti-interference, it can record pure voice and sound always. (Cardioid mode helps to capture louder sounds with higher fidelity). For all sound enthusiasts and professionals, the microphone can deliver the best for your sensitive and picky ears. This microphone is suitable for vocal recordings, instrumental music, podcasts, interview
    • PLUG & PLAY USB MICROPHONE, WIDE COMPATIBILITY - Once the microphone is connected to your computer, you are advised to turn on the switch on the back and when you see a heart shaped red logo light up on top, it means your microphone is turned on. The microphone is widely compatible with iMAC, Windows, Windows Vista etc.
    • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT, TRIPOD DESIGN - The microhone’s height can be easily adjusted (the middle bracket is removable) and the rotating head can be customized for facing the source of sound input. A tripod design base ensures stability while the non-slip rubber feet maintains a sturdy grip on the table. The tripods easily folds and opens up making it convenient to use and carry around.
    • WHAT YOU GET - The TONOR Microphone Set includes all the essentials you need. A microphone, a bracket, a headphone adapter, a USB cable, and an instruction manual for you to get started. TONOR offers a 12 month repair/replacement warranty and a 30 day hassle-free return policy.


    The TONOR’s EToo Microphone is full of mysteries and endless possibilities.

    Packed in a cute, alien shaped design, this microphone is built for the professionals.

    The microphone’s plug-and-play design is compatible for both iOS and Windows systems and requires no additional drivers to install.

    With its strong cardioid pickup capabilities, you can effectively reduce unwanted background noise and focus on the source of sound when recording.

    Also, an adjustable head and folding tripod legs adds convenience and portability when you need to use and carry it around.

    So what are you waiting for? Get your EToo today and start recording straight out of the box!


    Apple Computers are not compatible for monitoring and can only be used if Garageband software is installed. We provide a headset adapter cable that guarantees use with universal headsets.

    Package Includes:

    1 x Microphone

    1 x Adjustable Stand

    1 x Headphone Adapter

    1 x USB Cable

    1 x Instruction Manual