Tonor Microphone

TONOR Wireless Microphone UHF PA Headset Mic 10 Channel Rechargeable

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  • TONOR Wireless Microphone UHF PA Headset Mic 10 Channel Rechargeable

Tonor Microphone

TONOR Wireless Microphone UHF PA Headset Mic 10 Channel Rechargeable

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    • DSP Chip Installed, Improves Audio Quality - This TONOR Microphone comes with a preinstalled DSP Chip inside that enhances and beautifies sound quality. The receiver has a bluetooth function and can be connected to a mobile phone to play music. (Note: The product does not include a Voice Amplifier)
    • Built-in batteries for Headset and Receiver - The wireless headset and receiver are fitted with built-in rechargeable Li-ion batteries with long battery life. A full charge gives 3-3.5 hours for the receiver and 3-3.5 hours for the wireless mic. Both of them require 1.5-2 hours of charging time.
    • Mode Options on the Microphone - The right side of the TONOR Microphone has a MODE button that can switch between 3 cool options. A Normal mode - gives you clear, original sound, a Echo mode - takes you off to a live performance with cool lively ambience and sound quality, and a Enhancement mode (lobby) - that focuses on increased volume and clarity. Different modes for adapting to different needs.
    • Comfortable Design, Suits Every Occasion - The TONOR Microphone headset is built with a humanized comfortable design that fits around your head and on top of your ears perfectly. It is curved and built for a steady and stable fit. The microphone is suitable for every one - like tour guides, teachers, fitness instructors, stage performers, trainers, presenters and churches.
    • What You Get - This TONOR Microphone comes in a full kit that includes 1 x Microphone, 1 x Receiver, 2 x Charging Cables, 1 x 3.5 to 6.5mm adapter, and 1 x Instruction Manual to get you started. TONOR offers a 12 month repair/replacement warranty and a 30 day hassle-free return policy.



    If you are looking for a microphone that keeps you free from tangling wires or holding a heavy instrument, then this TONOR Microphone is for you.

    With 3 cool modes on the microphone headset along with a preinstalled DSP chip that enhances and improves the sound quality,

    this microphone keeps you hands-free and is great for tour guides, teachers, fitness trainers etc.

    Easy and comfortable to wear, the microphone fits around the contour of your head and rests on top of your ears easily.

    The receiver also has a 3.5mm end plug and a 6.5mm adapter is included in the package.

    This can be used for large events, to connect to voice amplifier, camera, loudspeakers, stereos, amplifiers, multimedia classroom speakers etc.


    1. The product does not include a voice amplifier.
    2. Manually pair the receiver and microphone before using the product for the first


    1. Charging time is about 1.5 hours, use time is 3-3.5 hours
    2. This product is not removable, please do not force the microphone to be disassembled.

    5.When the charging is carried out, both the wireless mic and receiver’s indicator lights are red. When the electricity is too low, the mic blue light flicker and the receiver indicator light is orange.

    Package Includes

    1 x Microphone

    1 x Receiver

    2 x Charging Cables

    1 x 3.5 to 6.5mm Adapter

    1 x 3.5mm Connecting Cable

    1 x Instruction Manual


    Working band: UHF

    Variable Channel: 10

    Distortion: ≤0.5%

    Using Distance: >10m

    Mode of Power Supply: Rechargeable Lithium Battery